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My Drawings

I draw Steve Jobs most of the time. Bet ya didn't see that coming!!!

Get a load of this and peep some of my art

December 2023

DieselPepsi (Spindler sings a German love song from the 80s
Steve Jobs, Michael Spindler, Mike Markkula (Pirate AU)

November 2023

FDR Steve Jobs and General Gates from Apple's 1944 video
Brian Epstein, Ringo Starr (1965 Beatles Cartoon fake screenshot)
Brian Epstein (1965 Beatles Cartoon art style)
Brian Epstein, manager of The Beatles
John Lennon (birthday gift for Hassan)
Michael Spindler

October 2023

Steve Jobs hosting a Hetalia themed Halloween party w/ Mike Markkula (Finland), John Sculley (America), Michael Spindler (Germany)
John Sculley
Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Paul Allen
John Sculley, Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak (But I Like This Meme)
Steve Jobs and John Sculley, late 1982
John Sculley doodles (I love this guy)

September 2023

Bill Gates, Andy Hertzfeld, Steve Jobs (Pirate AU)
DieselPepsi / Michael Spindler & John Sculley
Puff Puff from Your Favorite Martian
John Sculley
Bill Gates
Aspenshipping (Pirate AU)
Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, John Sculley keychain designs (they'll never be real)
John Sculley, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs (My graphics tablet works again! :D)
Bill Gates & John Sculley

August 2023

Steve Jobs & John Sculley
John Sculley
Microapple, yet again
John Sculley (Gemstone ? Looking for buyer.. Meme)
Steve Jobs & John Sculley photo redraw
Aspenshipping (Tch... You Idiot Meme)

July 2023

Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs, John Sculley, Andy Hertzfeld (Pirates AU)
John Carter from ER (1994)
Steve Jobs & John Sculley in Apple merchandise from the 80s
My humanized designs of Steve Cobs from Inanimate Insanity
John Sculley photo redraw

June 2023

FDR Steve Jobs and General Gates from Apple's 1944 video
Justin Hayward (& John Lodge) from The Moody Blues
Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, Andy Hertzfeld (Breaking Bad Pride Month Meme)

May 2023

Microapple (Pirate AU)
Steve Jobs
Microapple (Steve Jobs's speech bubble text is a direct quote of his)