Brian Epstein

Brian Epstein

The sweetest and cutest man I've ever seen.

Brian (Samuel) Epstein (born September 19th 1934) was the manager of the Beatles and the one who saw their talent and gave them the support they needed to become successful and reach their fullest.
He also managed several others artists, such as Billy J. Kramer & the Dakotas, and the Moody Blues in their early days.

He was punctual and a perfectionist. It was a big deal for him if something didn't go the way he planned and it wasn't easy to get adjusted to the changes. This might give off the impression that he was strict and unpleasent to be around, but he was a very kind soul.

He's very important to me and a big inspiration. The difficulties and struggles he faced were horrific, and even now it feels like people don't allow him to rest, but despite everything he kept going and changed the world as we know it today. I respect him a lot.

On August 27th 1967, with only 32, he passed away due to an accidental overdose of depressants mixed with alcohol.
It breaks my heart.

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