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I looooove this guy, I love him sm. Only person on earth who loves him. This awkward old man with a soft old-guy voice, I dig him. Most ppl who like Apple and/or Steve Jobs hate the living hell out of him, but he's just an old nice man to me. He's kinda like a tragic, wet dog.

His full name is John Sculley III. The most famous times of his career were when he was (vice-)president of PepsiCo and later on CEO of Apple Computer, inc. He's known as "the man who fired Steve Jobs" by many, although Steve Jobs left Apple on his own (it's a little complicated).


At Pepsi he was responsible for the rather famous Pepsi Challenge. The Pepsi Challenge basically is a blind-test. Pedestrians were asked to drink two colas — one of them was Coca-Cola, the other one was Pepsi-Cola, both of them served in white cups. Most people chose Pepsi over Coke, likely due to Pepsi being richer in sugar. This gave PepsiCo a boost in sales and popularity.

Ironically enough, John Sculley eventually took the test himself and chose Coke over Pepsi.


John Sculley was Apple Computer's third CEO. Mike Markkula recommended him, after he himself had to fill in as CEO after the first one left.

He's the guy under whom the Apple Newton was made — It was his project. He also coined the term "personal digital assistent" — or simply "PDA".

I myself used a Newton before during the time I was working at a hardware store. I already was interested in technology back then, but I didn't have the resources to learn more (by which I mean the internet). When I saw that thing I was immediatelly hooked bc I've never seen smth like it before. I love that it's apparently still in use at some places, despite being obsolete and regarded a failure.

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs and John Sculley met a lot several months before John Sculley eventually became CEO of Apple. It wasn't technology that brought the two of them together — John Sculley knew nothing about computers, his understanding of them was rather pale, as was common for that time. Instead, he and Steve Jobs connected over their shared love for design. Steve Jobs and John Sculley were great friends, an unstoppable duo. It was no secret John Sculley was (and still is) very invatuated with Steve Jobs.

According to John Sculley it wasn't until some disagreement that their friendship began to show its first cracks:
Steve Jobs wanted to use the money from the Apple II marketing and put it into the marketing for the Macintosh instead, which John Sculley didn't aprove of, telling Steve Jobs that "the only cash for the company is coming from the Apple II" hence it would be too much of a risk. Steve Jobs didn't like this at all.

In addition, in late March 1985, together with the help of Mike Markkula, John Sculley stripped Steve Jobs of any power over the Macintosh team. Steve Jobs felt betrayed and even tried to kick John Sculley out of Apple behind his back. After John Sculley found out about it, he talked with Steve Jobs over it who then left the meeting, reffering to all of it as a simple "lovers quarrel".

Eventually Steve Jobs never forgave John Sculley, and upon leaving Apple he never spoke a word with John Sculley ever again.
John Sculley on the other hand still loves Steve Jobs and reacts extremely emotional towards his death, even years later.

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