Steve Jobs

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Steve Jobs, 1985

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Anyways, Steve Jobs (full name, Steven Paul Jobs) was born on February 24th 1955 in California. He passed away on October 5th 2011 (aged 56) because of pancreatic cancer he fought against for about a decade and is dearly missed by many ever since.
Steve Jobs was not only co-founder and CEO of Apple, but also founder and CEO of NeXT and co-founder and CEO of Pixar!

Steve Jobs, known in popculture as a tyrannical leader and rude, was actually a very sensitive person. While it is true that he also had outbursts, he cared a lot about the things and people surrounding him -- a quality captured in everything he did. As demanding as he could appear, as considerative he was.
Always with an eye for something greater and an insatiable interest for things new and previously unknown to him. I'm confident that without Steve Jobs things would've turned out very different. A very intelligent, yet perculiar, guy that changed the world.

Man, he was also really attractive and cute. Doesn't matter if we're talking 20s or anything up to his 50s. If you can see it you see it. Humor also wasn't something he lacked.

Steve Jobs and former CEO John Sculley
with the Macintosh 128K and Lisa 2, 1984


(I'm currently too unmotivated to write down everything bc there's just SO much, so I'm gonna be picky and only mention a little :-))

Steve Jobs was co-founder of Apple.

Steve Jobs led the developement of the Apple Lisa, until the board decided to withdraw him from the team even before the Lisa finished production. He also led the team of the more well known Macintosh, until the current CEO at that time withdrew him from the projects. After a power struggle, Steve Jobs left Apple in September 1985 and moved on to creating his new company NeXT.

After NeXT and Apple merged in December 1996, Steve Jobs returned to Apple and became CEO in 1997. Back then Apple was threatened by bankruptcy. He managed to get Apple out of its lowest point and turned it into a valuable company that stands strong.


Steve Jobs saw what they did at Lucasfilms and was immediatelly blown away. Never before had he seen something like this before, nor a group of people wanting to achieve something like this. After buying himself into Lucasfilms, it was renamed to "Pixar". He and John Lasseter understood each other great, and together they slowly built the Pixar we know and love today.

Pixar actually used to struggle financially back in the 80s, and despite one risky move after the other, Steve Jobs kept his hopes up and continued to invest in the company.
Eventually with "Toy Story" Pixar revolutionized animation and opened doors for full length computer animated films, and with it a new form of telling a story to the audience.


Steve Jobs really really liked Bob Dylan. He loved this guy so much, he was NOT normal about him. He was so obsessed... Steve Jobs owned a lot of records, merch and bootleg stuff of Bob Dylan, constantly referenced him (even in keynotes) and his highlight was when he actually met him in person twice back in 2004. Corrolated or not, Steve Jobs even used to date his ex-girlfriend, Joan Baez, back in the early 80s. When you can't have a man then get with his girlfriend instead, ig...
Steve Jobs has also been known for being a fan of The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. Although he loves both bands about equal, he'd pick the Beatles over the Stones.

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